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The AR-15, also known as the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), is a versatile and widely used firearm known for its accuracy, customization options, and ease of use. AR-15 training is an essential component for individuals seeking to become proficient in handling and operating this popular semi-automatic. 

Given the popularity and versatility of the AR-15 rifle, proper training is essential to ensure that individuals using it are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to handle the firearm safely and effectively. Training instills a deep understanding of firearm safety principles, responsible storage, and transport practices, which are crucial in preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of both the gun owner and those around them.

Additionally, comprehensive AR-15 training empowers individuals to operate the rifle confidently and accurately, whether for recreational shooting, competitive sports, or self-defense. By honing marksmanship skills, mastering tactical techniques, and learning about the rifle’s mechanics and maintenance, individuals can maximize the rifle’s potential while minimizing the risk of mishandling.

Centennial Gun Club’s AR 101 course welcomes new rifle owners, AR-15 owners who are looking to learn more about their rifle, and anyone who has never had formal AR training to take a step through our training classroom doors and be introduced to safe and responsible AR-15 ownership.

AR-15 Training
AR-15 training
AR-15 Training

What is This AR-15 Training Class About? 

In AR 101 at Centennial Gun Club, you will learn about your new rifle, how it functions, how to maintain it, and how to sight it in. Your instructor will go over the below topics before taking you out on the range for some live fire practice. 

  • The parts and nomenclature of the AR-15
  • How an AR-15 functions and the major parts
  • How to breakdown and field strip an AR-15
  • How to properly clean and maintain your AR-15
  • How to sight in/zero your AR-15

The AR-15 rifle boasts a distinct set of parts and nomenclature that collectively define its structure and functionality. At the heart of the rifle lies the upper receiver, housing the bolt carrier group, which includes the bolt and firing pin. The lower receiver holds the trigger mechanism, pistol grip, and magazine well. Understanding this intricate assembly of parts is crucial for anyone seeking to comprehend the AR-15’s operation, customize it to their needs, or perform maintenance effectively.

In this course, you’ll learn about these parts, how they function, and how to properly clean them by taking apart your rifle and piecing it back together again until you’re comfortable with the firearm. Only after your instructor has ensured and approved that all students can understand the functionality of their firearm and use it properly, will the class be taken on-range for some live fire drills for the remainder of your training.  

My Experience as a New Shooter

As a new shooter and someone who wasn’t very familiar with an AR-15, this class was the perfect segway to begin my journey with a rifle. Everyone in the class had a different base of knowledge about these firearms, whether they were strangers to the world of rifles or had a background on the topic, everyone was treated with the same amount of respect and guidance throughout the entirety of the course. 

After this training course, I was able to walk away from the classroom with an abundance of knowledge regarding the AR-15 and have a better understanding on exactly how this firearm operates. CGC always does their job perfectly and is the perfect facility to learn from for any shooter or firearm owner. 

Ultimately, AR-15 training at Centennial Gun Club equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to handle the rifle safely and effectively. Whether for sport, competition, or self-defense, this AR-15 training empowers gun owners to make informed decisions and contribute to a safe shooting community!

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