Firearms Transfers

Centennial Gun Club will facilitate the transfer of firearms from other Federal Firearms License holders to our members and customers. We ask that you use the following procedures to make the transfer as smooth as possible.

  1. Please have the transferring FFL to send an email to including the following information:
  • Your name and contact information including your email address and phone number (We will need this to get in touch with you when your firearm is ready to be transferred to you)
  • Information on the firearm being transferred including; make, model and serial number
  • A copy of the selling dealer’s Federal Firearms License
  1. We will promptly respond to that dealer and exchange the required information including a copy of our Federal Firearms License.
  2. We encourage you to get a tracking number for your firearm from the shipping dealer. Centennial Gun Club can accept no responsibility for tracking shipments.
  3. Once Centennial Gun Club has received your firearm, it will take 24 to 72 hours to enter the firearm into our system and have it ready for transfer to you. We will contact you when the firearm is ready to be delivered to you.
  4. When you come in to pick up your firearm, you will be required to complete an ATF Form 4473 and we will conduct the background check. You will need to provide state-issued identification with your current address at the time the 4473 is completed. The State of Colorado now charges $10.50 to conduct the check and we will collect that fee at the time the background check is entered into the CBI system.
  5. Centennial Gun Club charges a fee for conducting the transfer. This fee is $50 per firearm for members and $95 per firearm for non-members.
  6. Upon successful completion of the background check and payment of transfer fees, the firearm will be transferred to you.
  7. To better support you, Centennial Gun Club facilitates person-to-person transactions in compliance with Colorado state law.
  • Both parties must be in the store and present valid, state-issued picture identification with current physical addresses at the time of the sale.
  • If you are purchasing a firearm from an out-of-state individual, it is your responsibility to ensure that the seller includes a copy of their valid, state-issued picture identification (with current physical address) with the firearm being shipped.
  • The buyer and/or seller will be responsible for the background check fee ($10.50) and transfer fee ($50 for members, $95 for non-members).

Frequently Asked Questions


  •   Does Centennial Gun Club handle firearm transfers to another FFL?
    • No, we are not equipped to ship firearms to other dealers
  •  Am I able to get a copy of Centennial Gun Club’s FFL to send to the seller?
    • We will only send a copy of our FFL to other licensed dealers
  • Does Centennial Gun Club handle NFA Transfers and is there a Storage Fee?
    • Yes, Centennial Gun Club is happy to facilitate the transfer of NFA items such as suppressors and short-barreled rifles to our customers. If we are unable to procure the item you are interested in, we recommend ordering it from whenever possible, as our partnership with SilencerShop saves you from paying a transfer fee.
    • Due to the liability inherent to transferring NFA items, and the storage space necessary to keep these items secure during the potentially lengthy Tax Stamp process, suppressors and other NFA devices ordered from dealers other than SilencerShop will be assessed a transfer/storage fee
    • Fee
      • Centennial Gun Club members – $100.00
        Non-members – $200.00
  • Why have I not been contacted even though freight tracking shows that the firearm was delivered to Centennial Gun Club?
    • Depending on the volume of transfers we receive, from receipt of the firearm, it takes us 24 to 72 hours to receive the firearm into our system and have it ready to start the transfer procedure with you. We are unable to transfer any firearm that is not properly entered into our system. If the selling dealer has not provided us with your contact information we are unable to contact you. We are unable to process a transfer without proper ATF required documentation from the seller and Centennial Gun Club retains the right to return any firearm to the selling dealer at our sole discretion. It is a violation of Federal law to transfer a firearm without proper documentation.
  • What if the firearm is damaged in shipment?
    • Centennial Gun Club can take no responsibility for firearms damaged in shipment, warranties, or repair of the firearm.
  • How long do I have to pick up my firearm once transferred from the seller to CGC?
    • Customers have 30 days from the date CGC contacts them to pick up their transfers.
    • Firearms left at CGC for more than 30 days will incur a storage fee of:
      • $50 per month for members
      • $95 per month for non-members
  • What happens if I do not pick up my item in a timely manner?
    • A firearm item left with Centennial Gun Club (CGC) as a result of a transfer, layaway or other reason without a response from the owner of more than three (3) months after contact has been attempted, or an NFA item left without any attempt to process beyond three (3) months or that period beyond the receipt of a valid tax stamp or notice of denial, is declared as abandoned and may become the property of CGC and may be disposed as CGC management may determine. 

    • Judicious efforts will be made to resolve the delay by requiring at least three attempts via at least two different methods (Phone, Email, US Mail, text, etc.) to contact the owner.  Contact with the original seller will be attempted to seek additional contact information if necessary.

    • Upon failure to obtain a response from any of the above CGC will send a notice via USPS Certified mail, receipt requested, to the address provided.  The letter will identify the firearm by make, model, and serial number.  It will note how long CGC has had the firearm and that the owner has thirty (30) days to resolve the issue or the firearm will be declared abandoned and become the property of Centennial Gun Club.

    • If an individual transferring a firearm through CGC has been contacted and has indicated that the firearm needs to be left for an extended period of time, arrangements may be provided upon agreement of the owner and CGC.  This may involve additional chargers.

    • If an item has been being the customer will be provided information to contest the denial.  However, if the resolution has not been resolved within three  (3) months the above policy will apply.

  • If I have additional questions, can I talk directly to someone in your Transfer department?
    • Yes, we’re happy to take your call at 303-397-3231 if you need clarity on anything.
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