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Your Future


Knowledgeable staff that are ready to listen and eager to address your questions.

WIDE VAriety

We stock a wide variety of popular new firearms and accessories, while still holding on to the timeless classics.

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Our expert Gunsmithing Staff has over 40 years of experience and is more than qualified to customize, restore, maintain and repair your favorite firearms.

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To Meet Your Opportunities


From beginners to tactical professionals, welcome to your new training facility.

HANDS ON Training

Each of us are at different levels, therefore, we provide over 80 classes led by industry-leading professionals to ensure we have the right course for you.

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What class should I take next?… We offer professional guidance through multiple training tracks, each aimed at delivering you to YOUR idea of READY.


Like You Own it

STATE of the art tech

First in the nation to offer the cutting edge V.A.S.T. system to bring you new training Beyond Paper TM

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Maintain your skills with annual memberships at affordable rates in a world-class facility period.

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Progressive reality-based training for advanced members.

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Visit our Denver Shooting Range

  • An easy 30-minute visit will take the stress out of wondering what to expect. In addition to a great tour of our range, you will see all of your options first-hand. Schedule a visit 
  • If you prefer, complete the Questionnaire to create a personalized plan, then schedule an in-person consultation with a guide.

If you prefer, complete the Questionnaire to create a personalized plan, then schedule an in-person consultation with a guide.


Customize Your Training & Education
  • Each training path we create is specific to each and every guest.
  • After we understand your needs together, we will recommend a path and plan according to your needs.
  • Our recommended first class is: Intro to Pistol Shooting


Supportive Firearms Training 

  • Learning to shoot is an investment in your future and you want to know it’s with trusted partners. 
  • That’s why we provide you only the best professional education.
  • If you’re unsure about any part of the process, we won’t move on until you’re comfortable. We support you always.

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So Much Fun!

“Great for a date day! They have plenty of gun rentals and that comes with ear and eye pro if you forget it. They offer conceal and carry classes/permits that are nice and they have lots to purchase if you need guns ammo etc. And you do not have to be a member. My recommendation is go with your S.O. and buy they battleship targets and see who wins! So much fun!”
– Casey

"What outstanding customer service the Centennial Gun Club provided me this week..."

I own an automatic that I carried when a police officer, but having changed careers haven’t fired in several decades. My wife used it for some firearms training and experienced consistent jamming. I brought it into your gunsmith shop – my first time visiting the facility. Steve provided a very welcoming/friendly greeting and asked how he could help. He listened very patiently. I was expecting to need to leave the weapon to be looked at over a period of time. Steve demonstrated a strong understanding of firearms and after looking it over asked if he could fire it to see what might be the problem. In a short time, he came back and advised the problem was not the firearm – but was the magazine. In a matter of minutes the problem was diagnosed and recommendations provided. WOW.

I was amazed and very grateful. As icing on the cake – Steve even thanked me for letting him shoot my sidearm!

What a great representative and knowledgeable staff you have. Two other gentlemen – whom I did not get their names – also weighed in and one did a modification of the magazine lips.

Thank you for having such a great team. I will certainly be sharing my experiences with your team to my friends.”

– Bob G.

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