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Member Testimonials

After joining my wife and I thought we would take a private lesson. We took the lesson and began to really shoot more accurate and now understand what we were doing wrong. As we shoot each week I decided to take the AR class. Best class ever, our instructor was excellent. I learned not only how the AR works but how to keep it working and enjoy shooting it often . As a result of the great experiences at the range and all the help we get from the staff we decided to upgrade our membership as we want to make shooting a life long activity. We both appreciate the professionalism and caring we get so we can grow in our skills and enjoy the sport. Marc R.



Denver has the pinnacle of ranges in Centennial Gun Club! Great people knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. The range is open clean and well organized. While some may not like a range officer close at hand I personally think that it is great. The range officer was not obtrusive and dictatorial as some are but rather a resource and someone to insure the safety of all. The store is fantastic with an extensive inventory of everything from clothing, firearms, ammo and tactical gear. First time there and I plan on being a regular at this facility. Dan



After searching online for CCW classes, it was clear Centennial Gun Club was the most professional organization in the greater Denver area. The great web site, including all the videos and instructor bios, gave me a good sense of what to expect. All the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and I really look forward to taking more classes and using the range. Thank you for preparing me to be a responsible gun owner! Jennifer E.


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