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Suppressors and NFA Items

Looking to purchase suppressors or other NFA items?  Below are the steps that you need to take in order to have your very own suppressor, short barreled rifle, short barreled shotgun, destructive device, or full-auto firearm

Simple Process

Step 1:

Purchase your suppressors or other NFA items. If purchasing from Centennial Gun Club, please stop by and speak with one of our Sales Representatives

  • If purchasing from another online retailer like SilencerShop, complete your purchase with them, and then wait for a call from us letting you know that your suppressor or other NFA item has arrived.  Then proceed to step 2

Step 2:

Complete your SilencerShop account including fingerprints, photograph, and tax stamp purchase.  You can start and complete most of your profile online or in the SilencerShop App.  You will need to come in to complete your fingerprints.

Step 3:

Create your ATF e-Forms account.  In order to proceed you will need your ATF e-Forms User-ID (6 letters and 5 numbers) and PIN (4 digits)

Step 4:

Wait for an email from SilencerShop notifying you that we are ready to certify your suppressor or other NFA item

Step 5:

Stop by or call in to complete your certification (if calling in you will need access to a computer)

Step 6:

Once your certification is complete you will begin your waiting period.  This period has nothing to do with us or SilencerShop and is entirely up to the ATF.  For updates, only the ATF can answer your questions

Step 7:

SilencerShop will email you your new tax stamp.  Bring your tax stamp, valid photo ID, and copy of your trust in order to pick up your suppressor or other NFA item (if purchased as an individual you will not need to bring a trust)

Step 8:

Enjoy your new suppressor or NFA item!

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