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2nd Amendment

At Centennial Gun Club, we believe that the right to keep and bear arms is an inalienable, God-given right to self defense.  This right is not afforded by the Second Amendment, but in fact the Second Amendment exists to protect this right.



This is the anti-gun politicians’ latest attempt at an “assault weapons” ban. If passed, it would ban almost every semi-automatic centerfire handgun, rifle, and shotgun that accepts a magazine. It passed 7-3 in the House Judiciary Committee on March 19th. It passed 35-27 in the House on April 14th. Before progressing any further, the bill sponsor decided to postpone indefinitely HB24-1292, the assault weapons ban, on May 7, 2024“.

The 2024 Assault Weapons Ban has been beaten, for now! Thank you for contacting your representatives, signing RMGO petitions, and testifying at the Capital! This is a big win for Colorado, but the fight is not over. Use your vote in November to help make changes so this type of legislation doesn’t come back next year. Let your representatives know that these laws are not right for Colorado!

“Shall Not Be Infringed”

This right does not end at our front door.  The Constitution protects our right to keep and bear arms whether inside or outside the home.  This right has been eroded in several states (including ours) and was actually reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in June of 2022.  Carrying a firearm outside the home is a Constitutionally protected right.

Importantly, the Second Amendment does not allow for provisions that restrict the type of firearm, nor its ammunition capacity, that we as civilians may own.  These restrictions weaken our ability to defend ourselves and leave us less equipped against our aggressors, criminal or tyrannical government.

“A Government For the People, By the People”

Our Founding Fathers correctly acted to create a balance of power for our government in an effort to protect our fundamental, inalienable rights.  Our forefathers predicted, as history often repeats itself, that an overreaching government would look for ways to shift that balance of power away from The People.  The Second Amendment was put in place to protect that balance, and to ensure The People are always empowered to protect their life and liberty from any individual or government that would act to take it away. 

Gun control cheaply veiled under the guise of “safety” has the aim of shifting power away from us as individuals.  It leaves the individual dependent on the State which does not have the ability to protect us when needed, and more broadly shifts that power to criminals and our government.  That is not safe.

Aiming to Empower You

We at Centennial Gun Club are here to empower you.  Our purpose is to bring you the training, tools, and knowledge that will carry you through life with peace of mind.  We want you to have the ability to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the innocent.  It is your God-given, inalienable right.  

It is also our responsibility to protect our Second Amendment.  All of us need to be in this fight together.  We need to educate ourselves on the issues, vote to protect our rights, and when we can, donate to Second Amendment advocates.  Don’t be afraid to share the facts about firearms with those who will listen… better yet, bring them shooting.  Removing fear and replacing it with knowledge almost always opens the door to understanding.

2A News

Upcoming Bills that impact your 2nd Amendment rights and WHY they need to be opposed.

HB24-1292 (DEFEATED)

“Assault” Weapons Ban

HB24-1174 (PASSED)

Increased CHP Class Requirements


11% Tax on Firearms and Ammunition Tax

Take Action

Let your voice be heard!

Current Bills and WHY these Need to be Opposed



11% Firearm and Ammunition Tax

This is an excise tax on firearms and ammunition. Excise taxes, such as those commonly levied on cigarettes and marijuana, are what we refer to as sin taxes. But gun ownership is a right, not a wrong.


HB24-1174 (PASSED)

Increased CHP Requirements 

This bill is an increase in the requirements for obtaining a concealed handgun permit (CHP). It would also transfer authority over permitting away from the sheriffs to the unelected bureaucrats at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

This impact will start on July 1, 2025


HB24-1310 (DEFEATED)

Concealed Carry Restriction

The SLOWER bill will bar school districts from allowing well-trained teachers and faculty to concealed carry on campus to protect against violent threats to student safety. This is a targeted ban on the work that FASTER Colorado is doing every day to make Colorado schools safer.


HB24-1292 (DEFEATED)

“Assault Weapon” Ban

This is the anti-gun politicians’ latest attempt at an “assault weapons” ban. If passed, it would ban almost every semi-automatic centerfire handgun, rifle, and shotgun that accepts a magazine. This bill was withdrawn by the sponsor on May 7th.



Liability Insurance Requirement

This measure will require all gun owners to maintain liability insurance, further increasing the unconstitutional financial burden of exercising our Second Amendment rights.


SB24-131 (PASSED)

Concealed Carry Restriction

The “Sensitive Spaces” bill would ban open and concealed carry virtually everywhere in the state except your home. 


SB24-003 (PASSED)

Enforcement Task Force

This bill will allocate millions of dollars to the CBI to create a “gun police” task force to enforce unconstitutional gun control policies like the mandatory 3-day waiting period.


SB24-066 (PASSED)

Transaction Monitoring

This bill will require credit card and debit card transactions between consumers and licensed firearms dealers to be marked with a distinct code which will allow the government to track who is making legal firearm purchases.

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