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I thank you for the gift card.  I stopped by this afternoon and picked it up.
I want to say to you that I’m just a plain ol’ simple guy, but when I come into CGC I feel “special”.  Your employees do a great job of treating us all that way.  Thanks again, – Richard B.


Your man Jacy got my M17 rear sight fixed in no time! I cannot say enough about what a warm and expert guy he is. So glad to have this level of expertise available to us as members of CGC! – Martin B.

Clean, safe and well run. I really like this range. – Jim B.

Very friendly and helpful staff. Felt welcome and comfortable. All knowledgeable and taught me a lot. Will be back soon!! – April G.

It was my first time ever shooting a gun and the staff was sooo great in bring patient and teaching me. – Alicia A.

Every time I go to the shooting range the men challenge me and give me great tips. I appreciate all the help and push to be a smarter shooter. Steve is always helpful too, I took my private lessons with him. – Dan R.

Date Night by Centennial Gun Club was very fun. 10 couples got to run through shoot or no shoot scenarios in the simulator and then live fore on range. Best date night ever says the wife.  – Richard B.

So fun! Went on their “Date Night Group” where they had a “what would you do in a situation like this” simulator and then about an hour of shoot time out in the range. Learned a lot about how you’d personally react in a real life situation and tips on how to keep your cool and stay safe! Highly recommend!!! – Paul M.

I’ve been a member of this facility since about day one and I shoot as much as I can; sometimes 2 hours up to 8 hours a week. I thought that I was pretty proficient with my shooting skills, but after I took your Deadly Accuracy class, I came to realize a whole other level of marksmanship. The way that Steve & Glenn conducted the two-day class made it truly an enjoyable learning experience. I had doubts when I was told that by the end of the course I would be shooting holes within holes, let alone shooting a card in half. The hardest part for me was letting go of my bad habits, but once I did, WOW… I am truly Blessed to be part of this educated firearm family. I carry the card I split in half to show others the power of positive thinking and belief… Thanks guys for bringing out the skills hidden within me… God Bless –  Rev. Kelly

I can’t thank Centennial Gun Club enough for doing this for educators. I have always been terrified of guns, but they are a large part of my husband’s life. The class on Saturday was organized, informative, and empowering. After leaving the class, I saw guns in a whole new light – an exciting one! My husband and I have already been to the range to practice shooting, and I’ve been trying different guns to find the right fit. It’s such a great feeling to finally be able to share this with my husband. I feel educated, empowered, and excited! We will definitely be life-long members of the Centennial Gun Club! – Becky S

Great class! Thank you Centennial Gun Club. You are helping us to keep ourselves and our communities safer. I hope you will offer this class again. As a teacher, whose job is not guaranteed, I have not felt free to discuss my taking this class. I hope that can change. There is a lot of general fear about guns. What better way to reduce our fears than to learn about guns through education. This is common sense, and is exactly what this class offers. I hope the Club will continue to reach out to other teachers and instructors and offer more CC Classes. Teachers truely are guardians of our children and society in so many ways. Not only do teachers have the Constitutional right to protect themselves, as citizens; but, they should also be supported by the community at large to do so in our schools. By being able to better protect themelves, they will also be able to better protect our children. – Diane B

This was an informative and hands-on class that applied the principles for excellent instruction. The class was especially geared toward educators so that we could better understand the law and how it applies to gun ownership and usage. The instructors were professional as well as entertaining. I appreciate the sincerity and dedication of the Centennial Gun Club to the second amendment. Thanks for this incredible opportunity to learn from passionate and knowledgeable people. – Susan M

I was very impressed by the people who organized and volunteered their time at the training. They were intelligent, considerate, and helpful — even towards people with no experience or with very basic questions. I felt valued and appreciated as an educator. The class exceeded my expectations and I feel I’ve had a good start on preparing for concealed carry, guns, and related laws. – Diane N

I was extremely happy with the class. The instructors were very knowledgeable and were personable. As an avid hunter and gun enthusiast I was excited to learn more. As educators, our students are constantly at risk. Teachers will do everything they can to protect their students and having some teachers armed would be extremely beneficial. I am hoping that this class has opened some eyes in our public sector. Thanks again for the great class!! – Chad D

CGC did an amazing job organizes the concealed carry class for educators. The whole experience was well above my expectations. The presentation offered lots of great information and was very clear, concise and easy to follow. The hands on instruction was also very helpful. I would highly recommend classes to anyone and everyone I know.CGC has got it goin’ on! Jennifer FI decided to take the Multi-State Concealed Carry Course with a friend because I had already obtained my Colorado CCW and wanted to get my Utah CCW as well. To my surprise, a lot of the information covered with regard to the Colorado portion of the class by my instructor John Abramson was new information, even though I had already taken the NRA Basic Pistol course at my local gun shop in Englewood for my Colorado CCW last year. In other words, the Multi-State Concealed Carry Course at Centennial Gun Club is far more detailed and organized then what you’ll find at your local gun shop. In fact, everything about the club oozes professionalism and instantly gives-off a great first impression. All of the employees wear clean and pressed uniforms; they’re all very polite and respectful and the building sells itself once you’re inside. My instructor John was detailed and direct, but he also taught with a smile. Not once did he waste time lecturing us on contemporary politics nor did he come off at any point as a condescending know-it-all regarding firearms or concealed carry philosophy. The best part of the class is the fact that you leave the class with everything you need to complete the application process (they even took our passport photos for our Utah applications so we didn’t have to deal with it on our own afterwards!) Despite the fact that my friend and I live in Denver, we know from experience that it doesn’t get much better than this club in Colorado, so we became members the following weekend. Indeed, membership at Centennial Gun Club isn’t the cheapest option in the state, but you get exactly what you paid for with this club and that’s why I love this place! –Josh K.

If you want to take a REAL CCW class and you live in Colorado, the Concealed Carry Level 2 class at the Centennial Gun Club is a must. The real-life simulator they have is as close to a real-world scenario as you can probably get, and the close quarters tactics range time gives you the opportunity to safely practice a gun fight situation with an elevated heart rate along with a flood of adrenaline. It’s not for beginners, but if you’re good with your weapon and have a grasp on the concept of firearm safety, I highly recommend you take this class. You’ll get more than your money’s worth if you do.
Bryan H.


After joining my wife and I thought we would take a private lesson. We took the lesson and began to really shoot more accurate and now understand what we were doing wrong. As we shoot each week I decided to take the AR class. Best class ever, our instructor was excellent. I learned not only how the AR works but how to keep it working and enjoy shooting it often . As a result of the great experiences at the range and all the help we get from the staff we decided to upgrade our membership as we want to make shooting a life long activity. We both appreciate the professionalism and caring we get so we can grow in our skills and enjoy the sport. Marc R.
Denver has the pinnacle of ranges in Centennial Gun Club! Great people knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. The range is open clean and well organized. While some may not like a range officer close at hand I personally think that it is great. The range officer was not obtrusive and dictatorial as some are but rather a resource and someone to insure the safety of all. The store is fantastic with an extensive inventory of everything from clothing, firearms, ammo and tactical gear. First time there and I plan on being a regular at this facility. Dan After searching online for CCW classes, it was clear Centennial Gun Club was the most professional organization in the greater Denver area. The great web site, including all the videos and instructor bios, gave me a good sense of what to expect. All the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and I really look forward to taking more classes and using the range. Thank you for preparing me to be a responsible gun owner! Jennifer E.

Great teaching in the class. Very informative. I am a former police officer and had not picked up my 45 for 5 years. The refresher was perfect and loved the first range time in 5 years. Because of the great instructors and hands on instruction I became a member that day! Nice job to all. Thank you. Patrick D

The concealed carry class that attended at Centennial Gun Club was excellent! John Abramson was very professional and knowledgeable and presented the course material in an easy to understand manner. I had previously walked out of a course provided by another organization because the instruction was so poor. I will be attending additional classes at Centennial Gun Club. Mike M. Littleton, CO

The Instructor was knowledgeable, patient and personable. He allowed for extra time for questions and was never patronizing to those that were newer shooters. The class was very important for empowering citizens about safety and what the regulations are in just when and when NOT we are permitted to use a hand weapon in Colorado or Utah. Always Safety First! When Possible always protect yourself! Having taken this course I feel better able to understand the difference between calling 911 myself, and how to keep my self and my loved ones safe and protected after calling 911. The reality of knowing that the time between the authorities getting there and us getting hurt again, and my family being safe is an eternity of horrible minutes I would never wish on anyone. I hope I may never use a gun but if I have to I am able to do so safely because of the training from Centennial Gun Club. Thank you. Linda G.

The Concealed Carry Class was informative, easy to follow and entertaining. This is the course to start your CCW journey. I look foward to taking additional classes and increasing my level of proficiency. Dave W.

Course was very efficiently taught by a very knowledgeable instructor with a good balance of video and props. Adequate time was given for questions during the class and breaks. Classroom set up nicely and the instructor showed interest toward everyone in the class. Paul G

The instructors were very knowledgable. I’d definitely take other classes. Chaleen G

The instructor of the class was very knowledgeable of laws and all materials that he presented. He answered all questions with extreme patience and knowledge. Cindy R

Great class taught by a great instructor. I highly recommend it for anyone who is considering carrying a handgun. Rick T

I feel it is imperative to further training past the basic course. If we have a concealed carry permit it is the responsibility to train ourselves to a high level. The basic course is good but it is like giving a corvette to a teenager and expecting them to know how to drive it correctly. Steve O.

I have taken three classes at Centennial Gun Club- The teachers are experienced and knowledgible on all subject matter- Great Job by John Abramson- Bill Beye and Don Hoekendorf and making all of us students think through all of our process of shooting! Brian F

As a person who is relatively new to guns I am very excited and impressed with the “full” suite of products and services offered at the club in one location! John is an awesome instructor, very informative and keeps you engaged. Will recommend this class to my peers. Great class with an energetic instructor who made leaning fun. Bill P.

The Conceal Carry Level I class surpassed all my expectations. Our instructor, John A., was very knowledgeable, gave great examples and kept the class very lively. I was worried that a class from 9am to 3pm would end up being boring, but this class was far from it. During the range session, John gave clear instructions and was very helpful with correcting my grip and stance. This class is invaluable and I’m looking forward to taking more classes at Centennial Gun Club! – Jeremy B.

The class was informative, interesting, and concise. The instructor was polished and profession. He also had the attention of all of the students for the entire class. I strongly recommend this program. Monte S

Went to Centennial Gun Club for the concealed carry class and was extremely satisfied can’t wait to go back for concealed carry class level2.. Kenneth F.

I feel so blessed that I literally ran into Centennial Gun Store quite by accident. I would and have recommend(ed) this store. I have yet to encounter anything undesirable at this store and would be really shocked if this happened. Keep up the great work. My mother recently bought a gun and decided to take this course for general gun safety, gun laws, and of course, to obtain her concealed carry permit. She didn’t want to attend the class alone and offered to pay my way if I went with her. To make my mother happy, I did and I’m very glad for it! I learned a ton and really enjoyed the class! The time flew by and not only am I much more knowledgeable about gun laws, I now both feel comfortable and have a desire to own a gun for self defense. Not to mention that my shooting technique greatly improved! Great experience and am recommending the course to friends! Bonnie G.

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