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Women's Self Defense Class

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Empower Yourself: Master Women's Self-Defense with Going Badger


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Centennial Gun Club

Join us at CGC for our empowering Women’s Self Defense Class hosted by Going Badger, designed to teach you critical skills for personal safety and confidence. This comprehensive course covers a variety of essential topics to prepare you for real-world situations.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Avoidance Techniques
  • Distance Creating Tips
  • Emotional Preparedness
  • Fighting Back with the Right Attitude
  • The Provoked Attack
  • Simple and Effective Responses
  • Understanding Force Multipliers
  • Post-Attack Actions


Because a honey badger becomes unyielding and ferocious when cornered by a larger attacker, and what a woman needs to become should she be…

Women don’t get attacked in the way that men do, and the easily recallable self-defense effective enough to stop the sudden, up-close, violent attacks that women encounter is very different. Women have to go from 0-60 in a heartbeat, and this seminar specializes in those valuable first few seconds that allowing for either an escape to safety or the opportunity to quickly access a force multiplier (pepper spray, firearm, etc.) by showing how any woman 18-80 can stop an attack just by knowing how to target and debilitate the vulnerabilities all men share, regardless of their size or mental state.

women’s self defense
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