Class Description

Pistol Training 101

Are you a new firearm owner and want to be able to handle your gun safely? If you have just purchased a pistol, or are looking to purchase a handgun, this is the class for you. We will safely and effectively teach you how to safely and adequately use your firearm. Owning a pistol is NOT enough. You need real pistol training to be safe with your firearm.

For the brand-new gun owner, your pistol training starts right here.



  • The brand-new owner of a pistol.
  • Or for someone that is looking to purchase a pistol but doesn’t know where to start.


  • Pistol Training 101 is a 2-hour, live-fire class that introduces the new shooter to the safe operation of a pistol.


  • Understand and abide by the Range Safety Brief.
  • Understand the function of your pistol and safely operate it.
  • Learn and apply the 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship.
  • Total Time: 2.5 hours (Class 1.5 hrs, Range 1 hr)
  • Cost: $99.00
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ages: 18+
  • Capacity: 10

What To Bring:

Pen or Pencil and Paper

Continued Training:

  • Pistol 201 – Hands-on Experience, Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Pistol 301 – Draw from a holster and reloads
  • Pistol 401 – Clear malfunctions, shoot at increased distances

Reviews For This Class

“I just took the Intro to Pistol course with Pete. Fantastic class. My son and I learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I look forward to future classes.”

Marcelo C.

“So far my experience with Centennial Gun Club has been superb!! Looking forward to shedding off some rust and improving skills. I want to keep advancing thru your courses.”

– Dean S.

Course Cancellation and Change Policy
  • Attendee substitutions may be made at any time.
  • Classes rescheduled less than 48 hours will incur a rescheduling fee of $25 per person.
  • Failure to attend the course, or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, will result in no refund, credit of the course fee, or rescheduling.
  • Centennial Gun Club reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes at any time. If we cancel or reschedule a class due to weather or circumstances beyond our control, you are entitled to a full refund.
  • Centennial Gun Club is not responsible for travel arrangements, travel fees, or any expenses incurred by you as a result of such cancellation. If Centennial Gun Club cancels a class in which you are enrolled, you will be contacted at the email address you used to register. Please be sure to provide a valid email address and check your email before class.

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