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Range Fees & Rentals


Call 303.789.2582 to Book Your Range Time

Non-Member Range Fees for Range 2, 3 and Range 4
$22.00/hour – 1 Shooter
$36.00/hour – 2 Shooters
$45.00/hour – 3 Shooters

Gun Rental Fee: $15.00 /person/hour

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns: $15
Firearm with suppressor/silencer: $25
KRISS Vector: $75
Full-Auto MK-18: $75
Full-Auto M249: $100


Until Further Notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limited to 9 shooters in the Range (this includes 1 Range Safety Officer).  We are going to slightly adjust the Non-Member Range Fees to accommodate this inconvenience.  

Only 1 shooter from a group will be allowed in the Range at a time; the others will have to rotate in and out.  The others are welcome to load their magazines outside the Range, but all guns must be holstered or cased.

We apologize for this inconvenience.  


Lane Reservation Restrictions

   Monday – Thursday – May reserve up to 4 lanes.
   Friday – Sunday – May reserve up to 2 lanes.

   Monday – Thursday – May reserve up to 2 lanes.
   Friday – Sunday – May reserve 1 lane.

If a non-member needs more than allowed lanes (up to 3 shooters/lane) a different shooter will need to purchase a separate Pre-Paid Package and make the reservations under their name.