Range Fees & Rentals

Call 303.789.2582 to Book Your Range Time

Non-Member Range Fees for Range 2, 3 and Range 4
$27.00/hour – 1 Shooter
$40.00/hour – 2 Shooters
$50.00/hour – 3 Shooters

Gun Rentals:
Handgun Buffet: $25
Suppressor Gun Buffet: $35
Full-Auto Gun Buffet: $50- $100

Locker Rentals:
Handgun Lockers: $5 Per Month 
Long-Gun Lockers: $25 Per Month


Until Further Notice due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are limited to 9 shooters in the Bay (including 1 Range Safety Officer). 

*Due to COVID-19, you can ONLY book one person per lane! For instance, if you have two people who want to shoot, you will need to book 2 lanes. 

We will attempt to give everyone their own lane.  Only 1 shooter will be allowed on a lane; others will have to rotate in and out of the Bay.

We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.  


Lane Reservation Restrictions

   Monday – Thursday – May reserve up to 4 lanes.
   Friday – Sunday – May reserve up to 2 lanes.

   Monday – Thursday – May reserve up to 2 lanes.
   Friday – Sunday – May reserve 1 lane.

If a non-member needs more than allowed (up to 3 shooters/lane) a different shooter will need to purchase a separate Pre-Paid Package and make the reservations under their name.