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Clean and oil, Ultrasonic cleaner or hand clean

Thorough safety checks & test firing

Mount and bore sights, recoil pad installation, broken stock repair, etc.

Restoration Services – Stock refinishing, metal work, blueing, coatings, etc.

Muzzle brake installation / Barrel threading

Glass bedding / Rifle accurizing services

Custom handgun action and trigger work

Custom shotgun barrel work

Custom stock and metal work

Professional shotgun fittings

Testimonials + Before and After

Bart, As I expected, you did an outstanding job with the Colt 9mm Combat Commander I dropped off. I had no idea why it would be having cycling issues. Since you completed the work we’ve shot over 250 rounds with it. It’s now accurate AND reliable. Thanks for helping me with hard to fix guns over the years. I always know where to bring them.
Kevin K.

I wanted to thank you again for the fine work you did on my .375 H&H Magnum rifle. As the target below shows, this is a terrifically accurate and functional rifle. It will be with me in December when I hope to fill my Elk tag, using the same factory Federal Premium with 260 grain AccuBonds with which I sighted the rifle in. The group was shot from the bench at 100 yards.

This rifle began as a factory stock Remington 700 XCR II. I chose to replace the factory stock with a Bell & Carlson Medalist Sporter stock in Weatherby configuration, glass bed the barreled action into the bedding block, replace the X-Pro trigger with a Timney 510 trigger set to 3.5 lbs, and add optics. You did these modifications and suggested that I mount my scope with Leupold QR quick release bases and rings that you installed. I could not be more delighted with your work, advice, turnaround time and price. This is my go-to Elk rifle and will accompany me to Alaska when I go to fish and hunt. This is the third and latest rifle you’ve assembled and tuned for me and each shoots as well as this one…it will not be the last.

Thanks again for your craftsmanship, advice and help. It continues to be a pleasure to work with you.


This may seem like an unusual compliment but I’d like to thank Centennial Gun Club for helping me decide NOT to buy a particular handgun. I’ve never seen another gun store that will let you try a pistol or rifle before deciding whether to buy it. (Used firearms, not new, I understand.) There was a used pistol that looked like it might fit the bill for what I was looking for but after firing it I decided it wasn’t a great fit for me. Club staff actually encouraged me NOT to buy the gun when seeing that I wasn’t loving it. I really appreciate that level of looking out for your customer. It’s part of the reason I’ve encouraged many friends to buy their guns at Centennial Gun Club and why I purchase from you as well.


Thank you for the great service today.  The 1 on 1 with your gunsmith was really valuable and Kyle McIntosh is nothing short of fantastic.  His customer service ethic, patience, skill and genuine caring about my needs really made a huge difference for me.  As a Vietnam veteran with disabilities I have challenges that he helped guide me through and I really appreciated it more then you know.  I am not an easy customer to please, and I am a very satisfied customer.   I will gladly tell any of your members and non-members to take advantage of this great new service. 

Bob N.

Mike, thanks for the excellent job you did in replacing and adjusting my sights on my Glock 43.  You’ve also been great at answering my questions about my Glock and also the upcoming attachment of a suppressor to my hunting rifle and AR.  Your skill, professionalism, and friendly spirit are very much appreciated. I’ll be back!

Ray S.

My employees needed a break from work today. It has been one of those weeks. So i told them we would go shooting. I saw that you had a gunsmith shop onsite and since i had never been to the CGC it helped the decision of where to go. The shooting was great. We have Nothing but positive comments to make.

However my experience with the gunsmiths was impressive. The first gunsmith saw me lingering and came out to ask if he could help with anything He knew exactly the rifle I was talking about without even seeing it. He knew the history and design of the scope mount He told me to bring it on in and they would look. He brought jacy out and I explained the issue with the 1903 my father put together and sporterized when i was quite young. This is the first year my youngest son will have the chance to hunt big game with me so I want him to use this gun that was made to create a strong family bond and a legacy of love for the outdoors. Jacy took it back and went over it quickly and when he came back out with it he had some good info and tips. My gunsmith TJ retired so I have been hesitant about handing over a rifle that is so important to me but your crew seems so professional and knowledgeable that I will have no hesitation.

John Wheeler

Thank you for taking such good care of me and my Remington 11-87!  It is really nice to find a trustworthy gunsmith who is extremely knowledgeable about my firearms.  You immediately saw the missing O-ring [okay – it may have taken you 10 seconds . . . . ], diagnosed and fixed the problem, test-fired the gun, and returned it to me with a smile and a statement of “no charge”.  The gun has fired flawlessly since.  Thank you.  I will be back!

David H.

What outstanding customer service the Centennial Gun Club provided me this week. I own an automatic that I carried when a police officer, but having changed careers haven’t fired in several decades. My wife used it for some firearms training and experienced consistent jamming. I brought it into your gunsmith shop – my first time visiting the facility. Steve provided a very welcoming/friendly greeting and asked how he could help. He listened very patiently. I was expecting to need to leave the weapon to be looked at over a period of time. Steve demonstrated a strong understanding of firearms and after looking it over asked if he could fire it to see what might be the problem. In a short time, he came back and advised the problem was not the firearm – but was the magazine. In a matter of minutes the problem was diagnosed and recommendations provided. WOW.

I was amazed and very grateful. As icing on the cake – Steve even thanked me for letting him shoot my sidearm!

What a great representative and knowledgeable staff you have. Two other gentlemen – whom I did not get their names – also weighed in and one did a modification of the magazine lips.

Thank you for having such a great team. I will certainly be sharing my experiences with your team to my friends.

Bob G.

The term “elan” from the French language describes a property of elegant “vigorous spirit”, and the related English term “elance” describes a thrusting or hurling. Such terms well describe the recent 1911 build done by Bart and his staff at Legacy Gunsmithing, straight through the initial process of composition to the final product. Bart and his staff were straightforward in practical suggestions and with a vigorous hands-on build from scratch components, this sharpness of attention to detail resulted in the elegant behavior and fine function of the 1911 firearm.

Tactical components and a Damascus slide were solidified and tuned together over time with the final result represented as a functional tack driver with its own inherent spirit and balanced beauty. It is an exceptional end product from an exceptional staff.

Carl T.
I own a Glock 23 that I purchased and installed a laser light to.   I had tried to attempted to align the light myself with negative results. I contacted two people to assist me in this challenge and both advised me to just remove the laser because they are worthless.  My contact with these people made me feel like a super novice who knew nothing about firearms. FYI , I retired as a criminal investigator after more the. 20 years. Now to the reason I  am writing this. I contacted Mike Mitchell at Centennial Gun Club and told him my challenge.   Mike listened and advised me that it was probably an easy fix and I should bring it in so he could look at it.  He gave me an abbreviated idea of what might wrong that I could easily understand. When I brought my Glock in and Mike looked at it, he advised to come back in 15 minutes. When I returned he showed me how it now worked. Mike’s customer service skills are over and above what is normal in the business world and you should be commended for his hiring. Thank you and Mike for correcting my challenge with my weapon.
Paul N.

I took my Browning Citori in to Legacy for some work. The weapon was a present from my Dad when I graduated from college, so has a bit of sentimental value over and above the fact that it shoots really well. Turns out that over the last almost 40 years I wore out some bits on the action. Picked up my Citori this afternoon, and Bart not only took care of that issue, but tightened up other parts of the action/fit as well. It feels as tight and smooth as the day I got it.

Hat’s off to Bart and his staff!
I now know where all of my weapons go if they need work.

Jim W.
I am writing to thank you for allowing Jacy to help me today.  I brought in our school track starter pistol because it was having trouble. Jacy worked on the starter pistol, although it was not his expertise, and brought it back to working condition.  He saved our school nearly $300 if we were to purchase a new one.  We struggle with not having enough funds all of the time.  You guys are the best.  I will always give you my/our business.  Thank you once again and we will hopefully see you soon.

I came into the Centennial Gun Club to see what they had for used handguns. This lead me to find a robust selection of used handguns and my purchasing one. I was torn between a standard Springfield XDS 9mm and a Mod 2 XDS 9mm with a Sig RomeoZero micro reflex sight. I decided on the standard XDS and took it home.

After a couple hours I started deciding that I wanted the Mod 2 with the reflex sight and decided I would return the next day and inquire about exchanging. Unsure what the staff would say, I entered and spoke to the Director of Gunsmithing and Used Guns, Bart Miller. He didn’t even think twice. He looked over the returning pistol and said okay, lets do it. WOW. I did not expect it to go that smooth.

He said they pride themselves in customer service and satisfaction and then proved it to me. On top of that, he even found a magazine in the back so I could walk out the door with two mags! Again, above and beyond! Thank you very much Bart. I will absolutely be back for more guns, ammo, range time and of course a membership with your store.

Thanks again for your help. I look forward to seeing you again and possibly working with you.


It has been such a pleasure dealing with you!  When Warren Watson of Warren Watson School of Shotgunning recommended that I use you for my shotgun fitting ( because you are one of the best gun fitters he has used over the years) I didn’t doubt his word!  So I took my new Browning White Lightning to you at Centennial Gun Club.  You spent time with me, explaining exactly what you you would do to my gun.  You were also able to simulate how the new fit would feel, by using temporary materials on the stock so I could mount it.  You gave me a reasonable completion date as well.

I have had many compliments on your work since that first meeting.  I was so please, that I returned a month later with my Browning XT!  You had kept files on my first gun, so you were able to duplicate the stock work on my 12 gauge.

Many, many thanks for your expertise and service.  I am certain that Centennial Gun Club feels fortunate to have you there with them.


I have asked Bart and his team to replace the factory sights on a Springfield Armory XD(m) and two XD40 SCs with Trijicon HD sights. As defense pistols, I had wanted night sights with a wider rear notch and high visibility front post with an orange dot. The team completed the job swiftly and, in my range test today, the sights were spot on for windage and elevation. Now Bart has done a variety of superb gunsmithing jobs for me over the last several years; I am completely satisfied with his latest work.

I have taken a number of different firearms into to Bart and have received excellent advice, recommendations, and always superb workmanship by him and his team. He has replaced sights, glass-bedded three rifle actions for me, inspected service rifles and kept me successfully shooting across a range of disciplines for more than five years. Legacy Gunsmithing is my “Go-To” first stop for any firearms questions and I trust them completely. A hearty thanks and well-done for this recent job…it will certainly not be the last!


I had recently purchased a used gun from Centennial Gun club and it took out on the range last week. I was having trouble getting it to fire even when it went into battery. There was a usual issue with the firing pin and trigger assembly that needed some minor changes. I took it into the gunsmith. The team was very polite and professional. They took their time with me on the range that day trying to diagnose the problem. After just several days of trying it out on the range with the gunsmiths, they were able to fix the issue. The gun now works flawlessly! (I would like the thank gun smiths Kyle and Bart and anyone else who helped me) I would highly recommend this smith to anyone. The smiths there are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

The best part is since I bought the gun there at their location everything was covered 100% under their guaranteed warranty.


I would like to extend a thank you to your staff at Centennial Gun Club. On Friday January 11, my friends and I went to get some afternoon shooting in, and I brought along my wife’s AR that I had been struggling with. I had been trying for quite some time to remove the barrel nut in order to swap to a different forestock, but had been unable to get it loose.

Your team was outstanding in the friendly attitudes and was able to get the barrel nut removed for me. I greatly appreciated their willingness to help! This sort of customer service seems to be rare in our world today, so it is refreshing to see such generosity and enthusiasm for their craft. I must say this sort of act does not go unnoticed and has made a customer for life!

Please extend my gratitude to your wonderful staff.

Andrew Hill

I wanted to tell you about my recent experience with selling two revolvers to you at the Centennial Gun Club. I had seen you “advertising” at the club and from emails that I had received. I had two revolvers that I did not use and did not want to keep so I brought them over to the club and spoke to Lucas. He explained to me in detail how the process worked and that he would need about 30 minutes to review the revolvers and obtain a price.

When I came back he had a price much higher than I had expected…which came as a very pleasant surprise. I agreed to the price and the transaction was very simple, quick and seamless. Your team handled all of the needed paperwork which was even better.

Thank you for a great experience. Should I have other firearms that I wish to sell I will not hesitate to use your service or recommend you to others who may be in the same situation.

Thanks again.


I brought my LCP in last night intending to drop it off and wait for 3-4 weeks.  I was greeted by Jeff, who said “hold on while I go take a look at it”.  He took it to the back, and came back within 10 minutes with my LCP performing as it should.  All he asked for was “good will”.  Amazing.  Your team will certainly be at the top of my list of providers when I need any future gunsmithing services… and I’ll tell anybody else I come across, too.  Thanks to Jeff, you, and your entire team for being customer service oriented, and for being a great bunch of guys.

Dave J.

I had some gunsmith work done here by Bart Miller. My issue was a nasty chip in my rifle stock that was somewhat large and in a very bad location that significantly reduced the value and eye appeal of my rifle. Bart was able to expertly repair the chip and did a masterful job of blending the new wood with the 50 year old finish. I was impressed by the craftsmanship and the price. It’s very hard to find skilled gunsmith labor for a reasonable price in the metro area but I found my new goto guy for all my future gunsmithing needs.

Jason R.
“I picked up a new pistol at a gun show that had a horrible trigger, and I was incredibly disappointed. But Bart, the gunsmith at the Centennial Gun Club, did an amazing “trigger job” on it and it now feels as clean and crisp (if not better) than the trigger on my Kimber. Thanks Bart!!!”

“What is really outstanding is the level of service provided; this shop is the only place I will entrust my guns to going forward. Bart and his staff are experts at their trade and true customer service experts as well. My hat is off to Bart and his shop!”

Paul DiMarchi

I just wanted to express my special note of appreciation to Jacy for upgrading my new Sig MCX 556 Rattler with Romeo and Juliette red dot optics and other accessories. I am very pleased with this Rattler purchase at the Centennial Gun Club and Jacy was also very helpful in my making these important purchase decisions. I plan on making further upgrades and purchases in the near future, and will be looking forward to Jacy’s expertise in this regard.

George A.


HISTORYThis is an old (1981) LT 20 gauge 1100 whose receiver had been terribly scratched, worn, and abused…..Bart first skillfully removed all signs of scratches and abuse, but attempts to restore the factory blue failed twice…..the receiver had been overheated during the assembly of the mag tube (silver solder) when first manufactured… it would not take a uniform blue that looked good…..and since Bart refused to give this customer something that he was not proud of, Bart went the extra mile and had the receiver sealed with CeraKote (Premium Elite midnight blue) and the results are beautiful! From a timing and satisfaction perspective, Bart bent over backwards to make sure I was happy with the work and the turnaround time.


To Centennial Gun Club:

Just a note and a word of thanks to Mr. Bart Miller (Gunsmith). I would like to thank Mr. Miller for working so diligently on my match CZ pistols using his expertise and “magic.” He was very patience with me to get the pistols right for me. For the record, he did not replace with any aftermarket parts, just used the stock parts. I am guessing he just adjusts and polishes the parts to make the pistols just that much better.

My last match I won by seventeen hundreds of a second. I think his hard work for me paid off.

Once again, thank you so much.

R. S.

The Signature Used Gun Difference

A Legacy Gunsmiths signature on each certification form is our way of assuring you we have personally inspected this firearm and it has passed our certification process.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Legacy Gunsmithings used gun purchasing and certification process

The Initial Inspection

We take the time to get familiar with each gun that comes in for sale or trade by first giving it a thorough visual inspection. We check for things like:

  • Cracked stocks
  • Bulged barrels
  • Surface rust
  • Has it been altered

Then we look at the make, model, caliber, accessories etc. We also try to gain some insight as to its history from the owner. We’ll explain the specifics of how our purchasing program is structured so the customer can be a part of the process as it moves along.

Establish Finish Originality

Perhaps no other factor contributes more to, or detracts from, a gun’s value than whether it’s been refinished or not. A gun can easily lose half its book value, or more, if it doesn’t have the original finish. In addition, the difference between a properly refinished gun and a poorly done one can also make a huge difference. It’s important to keep in mind that gun value blue books only give values for guns in their original condition.

Note: (Making a determination on originality is not always an easy task. This is where the experience of our gunsmith staff comes into play. For over 30 years we’ve had the privilege of handling a wide variety of guns in their original pristine condition.

The first hand experience we’ve gained from having personally performed restorations over the last 3 decades helps give us valuable insight verifying originality since we had the opportunity to see the gun before and after it was redone.)

Percentage of Condition

Condition, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and therefore open to interpretation. Fortunately, the gun Blue Books recognize this and have done a great job of providing the “tools” to help establish percentage of condition both by description and photos.

Establish Fair Market Value

We typically start the research by looking at industry standard firearm Blue Books. If we need to find more information, or additional comparable guns for sale, we’ll often go to the internet. Since the internet has countless listings being added and removed on a daily basis it can also be a great barometer for the gun markets ever fluctuating pricing.

Finding Common Ground

1) We review the information we’ve gathered with the customer to make sure they’re comfortable with everything.

2) Our goal is to reach common ground on the gun’s value. 

3) If everyone’s comfortable and confident with the information and the terms we then move forward. 

4) After the gun is purchased, it goes through our certification process.

The Certification Process

The top 2 priorities we keep in mind when we certify a gun is to make sure it is:

  1. Safe to shoot
  2. Reliable

We perform numerous checks on a gun to make sure it is within safe operating specifications.

We inspect each gun thoroughly, lock, stock and barrel.

The list of items we check can be quite involved and depends on the type of gun, of course. There are times when it makes sense to certify the gun before we buy it.

Sometimes we run into situations where, although the gun works, it’s out of spec. When this happens, we’ll take the time to bring it back to the proper spec’s. Think of it this way, just because your car runs, doesn’t mean it’s running correctly or at peak performance. In other words, things can “run” and still be out of spec!

If everything passes inspection we test fire the gun before it ever goes out for sale to the public. We provide a certification form with each used gun we sell with our gunsmith’s signature on it to show it has passed our certification process and it’s safe, reliable and ready to go. (There are of course a few exceptions like when there’s no ammo available or it’s an unfired gun).

Tech Time

Book one-on-one tech time with one of our gunsmiths. $20 per 15 min block of time. 

  • Price includes required range time.
  • Repair costs not included.
  • For details call 303-397-3288.
  • Come in and talk to your team directly
  •  Visit CGC Legacy Gunsmithing located inside Centennial Gun Club.

Deciding on which gun to buy and wondering, what if I change my mind?

If a customer buys a new gun from Centennial Gun Club and wants to return it for any reason, we will offer to buy it back within 30 days at 100% of its current used market value towards the purchase of another gun in stock.

Featured Gunsmith

Bart Miller

Bart Miller has made a living as a Gunsmith in the Denver area for over 30 years. He graduated the local Gunsmith School, the Colorado School of Trades, in 1984 and sits on their advisory board. He is also a certified Gunsmithing instructor. Bart started his gunsmith career in 1984 when he was 21 working for Gart Bros. He managed the repair shop for most of the 15 years he worked there. He and a business partner started a small retail gun store that was open for 5 years and specialized in gunsmithing which he managed. Bart sold his interest in the business and set up a gunsmith shop at a local gun store when an opportunity to work for Bass Pro Shops became available. He was employed by Bass Pro Shops for 10 years where he managed a 5 man gunsmith shop as well as their Fine Gun Room. While at Bass Pro he created an annual shooting event called the Generations Classic Sporting Clays Shoot where folks of all ages could get together to pass along our shooting heritage, introduce them to shotgun shooting sports and get the chance to experience what it’s like to shoot collector and high end classic shotguns from around the world. Bart has gained a strong following performing shotgun fittings for all ages. He works closely with several local professional shooting instructors. He has been a guest multiple times on local ESPN radio stations covering various aspects of gunsmithing and gun collecting. Bart has spoken at Brownells Gunsmith Career Fair several times presenting two seminars he created called, “Trouble Shooting Firearms” and “How to Provide a Great Customer Service Experience.” These seminars are now part of the curriculum at the Gunsmith school. Bart wrote an article called “If this old gun could talk” for an online magazine.   It gives a behind the scenes look at the firearm trade-in process and the importance a gunsmith shop can play. It also taps into the historical and sentimental aspects of gun ownership. Bart has performed countless appraisals for the companies he has worked for over 3 decades and his own mobile appraisal business. Bart has re-barreled guns for a local S.W.A.T. team and does design and custom work for people with special shooting needs. One of his hobbies is to do R&D work and build prototypes. He has been issued two patents. His primary gunsmithing focus is on the design and function of guns, what makes them run and the importance of customer service.

Call: 303-397-3288

Located in Centennial Gun Club
11800 E. Peakview Avenue
Centennial, CO 80111

10 AM to 6 PM Monday – Friday
10 AM to 5 PM – Saturday
Closed Sunday

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