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Shoot It! Love It! Buy It!

3/15/18 – 3/17/18

Only a select group of ranges in the state of Colorado were chosen to participate in this promotion.

Proudly Centennial Gun Club brings sales and services to YOU to the level YOU deserve.

Walther brings you the most powerful gun deal on the planet with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Take aim at an impressive Walther PPQ special created just for you.

Walther Days – Weekend SALE!

Friday, March 15th

Saturday, March 16

Sunday, March 17th

Add to your Walther collection

  • All Walther guns are 10% off for Non-members and 15% off for Members
  • Used Walther Guns 10% off

What makes this an event you will remember?

Scott Thraikill, a long-time representative for Walther will be available during two of the three Walther Days event to answer any questions!

  • Friday March, 15th from 9am-5pm
  • Saturday* March, 16th from 9am-4pm
    *Demos on the range Saturday

There is no doubt Walther produces high quality Products for the industry.  When you meet Scott, you will also learn Walther invests by supporting “you” with well-respected and knowledgeable reps.

So, get your questions ready for Scott. Get excited for Walther Days!

Come on in for Walther Days!