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Thank you for visiting the V.A.S.T. Range at Firearms Festival!

Centennial Gun Club proudly unveiled the V.A.S.T. Range Experience at the 2017 Firearms Festival! We saw your reaction to the video action. You were one of the very first in the world to experience this next-generation targeting system.

  • State-of-the -art cinema projection
  • Real-time digital data-capture system
  • A new class of interactive entertainment
  • Only available only at Centennial Gun Club’s campus in Colorado

Our exclusive range technology Video Action Shooting Target (V.A.S.T.) is sought after with interest from all over the globe. Lucky for you……this live fire Beyond Paper experience, is in your neighborhood!

Range Highlights:

  • Interactive unique challenges to improve skills
  • Live fire, full motion
  • Reactive targets projected down-range
  • Choose your own adventure & shooting experience
  • Contests, competitive scenerios
  • Use your own firearm & ammo

Continue your burst of excitement at the range with our new fun and challenging game-changing technology! V.A.S.T. has arrived…..and it’s waiting for YOU!

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Want more details on V.A.S.T.? Click here!