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KNUS Concealed Carry Refresher Course

Gun Laws Change frequently. What you learned about the law in your CHP/CCW class some time ago may have changed. Come in and catch up on recent changes so you aren’t caught off-guard!

This is a non-range class that focuses on the changes in the Concealed Handgun Permit laws. This class does not satisfy the requirements to apply or re-new your current Colorado CHP/CCW.

Use the special registration links below to ensure you receive the discounted course pricing:

COST: $7.10 (Normally $19.00)

WHERE: Centennial Gun Club


KNUS Insight Training Class Discount

Centennial Gun Club is pleased to offer $200 off the total price for our 3-class package for Insight Training courses to KNUS listeners. Thank you for listening to Peter, and thanks for helping to make Centennial Gun Club the premier destination for firearm training, equipment and on-range practice!

The Deadly Accuracy, Speed Shooting, and Killer Low Light courses are being offered to Club members for $1797, and non-Club members for $1997.

Use the special registration links below to ensure you receive the discounted course pricing:


For detailed information about each of the three courses in this package deal, click below:



Thank you for your interest in Centennial Gun Club! Please swing by our store and range at any time. We’d love to see you.


First Steps: Introducing you to the world of firearms and what it can mean for your personal safety.

You get it. You know that evil exists in this world. It’s unfortunate, yes — but you are thankful for living in a country that guarantees your right to personal protection. With recent news events, maybe you are now wanting to take some first steps into this seemingly chaotic and perhaps fearful world of firearms. You want to elevate your confidence when it comes to personal safety, and become empowered by gaining knowledge and training.

But what to do? Most people start out for similar reasons – a genuine concern for their ability to protect themselves and their families. They have very little exposure to firearms, and are afraid that they will look dumb or foolish if they step foot inside a gun store. They simply do not know where to start.

Your family at Centennial Gun Club understands. For over 5 years, many of our customers have been just like you — brand new to shooting, and wanting someone to answer even the most basic questions, and guide them to the right decisions. Our business was founded primarily to support people just like you, and it has been our great joy to have helped thousands of people who were brand new to the world of firearms become successful, knowledgeable and trained.

On November 30, 2017, you are cordially invited by Dick and Mary Abramson, founders of Centennial Gun Club, to join us for an evening specifically for new shooters. You will be personally welcomed and guided on a complete tour of our facility, as our staff happily familiarizes you with all aspects of shooting:

EQUIP: How to select the right equipment
PREPARE: Explore the various training classes that will help you get started
PRACTICE: Introduction to our state-of-the-art shooting range, including a safety briefing and complete tour

The goal for the evening will be focused on ensuring that YOU have a clear plan to overcome your fears, and leave with confidence as you are set on a path to firearm proficiency.

Please join us! We would love to meet you!

Dick and Mary Abramson
Founders, Centennial Gun Club