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A Conversation with “The Rev” that Includes Schools, Churches, Law Enforcement, and the Sports World of Our Community! 

Why should a community conversation with Reverend Kelly be important to you?

Conversations that change lives!

Saturday, September 21
Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 
Reserve your seat: $20
*All proceeds or donations at the door will go to not-for-profit Open Door Youth Gang Alternative

Come and hear why “The Rev” has been “standing in the gap” for YOU and why he is so passionate about having a community conversation.

His experience, and ability to see, and understand the needs to help support our youth and parents is insightful. It’s inspiring!

Please join our conversation on:
Violence in the Country, State, and Community

  • School violence
  • Church shootings
  • Neighborhood violence
  • Home Invasion
  • Assaults

Three Part Series

Come join the conversation at one, two, or all three of the various topics being covered.

Sept 21: Self-Protection

Levels of awareness

Self-protection tools

Side arm as a last resort

More than ever, our 12-24 yrs. old and their parents need to understand the importance of gun safety and situational awareness but they need community support to help protect them and all of us.

Whether you read about the concerns, or follow online, we’d like to hear from you in person. Share your thoughts about the role awareness and community support plays for our youth and in your life.

Restoration in the lives of young people, particularly young people of color. “Well done good and faithful servant.” The community says thank you, for standing in the gap when no one else “
Denver City Councilman- A Brooks

  • How are we and our children interpreting situations around us?
  • What are our opportunities and options to work together and to stay safe?
  • It’s our perception of things that defines character and attitude.
  • Kindness, hate, love and all other emotions originate from one’s perceptions about something.
  • Opportunities mean something different to each person.
  • It’s the effort to come together in conversation that unites us.

Step in the door, and Join Us!
Your input is appreciated and thank you in advance!

Reverend Kelly, Centennial Gun Club Ambassador
“I’m humble.” Anything I could do to bring an element or sense of peace.
-The Rev