Open Bowling Pin Match

Open Bowling Pin Match

Starting 01/2015 the 7PM match is open to Members and Non-Members. 

Tuesday 08/04/2015 7PM-9PM BP00208042015
Tuesday 08/18/2015 7PM-9PM BP00208182015
Tuesday 09/01/2015 7PM-9PM BP00209012015
Tuesday 09/15/2015 7PM-9PM BP00209152015
Tuesday 10/06/2015 7PM-9PM BP00210062015
Tuesday 10/20/2015 7PM-9PM BP00210202015

Limited to the first 24 that register for each Match

Match Refunds:
 None. Participants may move to a different match date/time upon request. 


1)   Entry Fee: $15 1st place gets a $120 gift card; 2nd place gets a $70 gift card; 3rd place gets a $50 gift card (Based on 24 shooters, prize amounts will reflect the number of shooters 1 hour prior to the match start time).

2)   Format: Double Elimination. 

3)   Eye protection: Prescription glasses or safety glasses. Eye protection must be worn 100% of the time in the range.

4)   Hearing protection: Ear plugs and/or ear muffs. Hearing protection must be worn 100% of the time in the range.

5)   Holster or gun case: We require guns to be brought to the line unloaded, and either holstered or in a gun case. We recommend traditional hip holsters. Cross-draw, small of the back, ankle holsters, and shoulder holsters are not permitted, as they make it very easy to “sweep” (point your gun at) other competitors or the Range Safety Officers. Inside the pants holsters are discouraged, as they slow down the re-holstering process.

6) Handgun Only Match:  Pistol- 9mm, 40s&w, 45acp, 10mm, 45gap, 357sig only.

Revolver- 38spl, 357mag only

7)  Magazines or speed loaders: 3 magazines or speedloaders are the minimum requirement, 5 are recommended. We do not allow shooters to load magazines or speedloaders at the shooting line during competition, as it slows down the shooting procedure for other competitors. If both competitors run out of ammo, the competition will be declared a draw, and the next competitor in the bracket will receive a “bye”.

8) No compensators, optics, lasers or mounted flashlights.  No riflestocks.

9)    All participants will be shooting at 6 bowling pins setup on tables.

Full-size Pins



1) Signup and Payment:  Online at

2) Sign-in & Brackets: 5:00 PM 1st Match Members Only

7:00 PM 2nd Match Open members and non-members

3) Shooters meeting: Following check-in times above. There will be a brief shooter’s meeting to review the rules and answer questions before each match.


1)   Match Schedule Subject to Change. If there is a conflict in the scheduled start time in these rules and an announcement made by the Match Director, consider the Match Director’s announcement to be the correct information.

2)   Announcements. E-mail reminders are sent out the week before a match to those who have registered online.