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Renew your Centennial Gun Club membership now…

Lock in your current price for another year!  

You see, Centennial Gun Club is not just a place to come and practice it’s a friendly environment, a community and network of like-minded people.

People who know the strength of a collective group, and it’s inspiring!

As a Centennial Gun Club member, you have access to exclusive training benefits, advanced skills, cutting-edge technology, and new target systems coming soon!

All to help protect your family, your loved ones, yourself and to have fun!

Centennial Gun Club aims at recreational shooting sports and safety by educating people on the best practices. Courses are beneficial for both those who are new and experienced.

Renew Your Membership 

As part of our community membership outreach, we’ve revised Membership packages to better serve the changes in support that the community needs. Please note, with an increased price to do business, there has also been a slight increase in monthly dues. Centennial will always be held to and maintain the higher standard, great service and latest technology, so we can provide you with the most value and best experience possible.

Our mission has and always be to provide highly skilled services and recreational opportunities for you. We invest in people, and communitities and continue to train citizens and businesses to reach their dreams.

The staff at Centennial Gun Club thanks you and appreciates you as a member!