Members Only Practical Shooting Match – IDPA Format

International Defensive Pistol Association

Centennial Gun Club is now holding members only practical match using the IDPA format.

About IDPA

“The main goal of IDPA is to test the skill and ability of the individual, not equipment or gamesmanship.”

IDPA is the use of practical equipment including full charge service ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios using practical handguns and holsters that are suitable for self-defense use. The main goal is to test the skill and ability of an individual.

IDPA Matches Centennial Gun Club is an active IDPA member Club. CGC is fortunate to have a crew of several SO’s, an MD, as well as many volunteers, to organize, setup, and work the matches. CGC has one match per month on the 1st Sunday.

Please come out and help set up and break down. This IS a volunteer sport. Thanks.

Safety… Safety… Safety: Mandatory Safety Briefing

If you have not attended a match safety course or do not have a current valid safety card, participants must attend the 5:15PM-5:30PM safety briefing before they can shoot in the match.

All Shooter / Participant briefing and match start time is 5:30PM

To shoot the IDPA Sunday match you will need the following:

  • Eye protection (required)
  • Ear protection (required)
  • Pistol or revolver meeting IDPA equipment requirements (see note 1)
  • Strong-side hip holster meeting IDPA equipment requirements
  • Magazines, speedloaders, or moonclips (see note 2)
  • Double magazine pouch, single mag pouches, speedloader holders, or moonclip holders, as appropriate (see note 3)
  • Sturdy gun belt fitting holster and magazine holder slots securely
  • Cover garment (MANDATORY): Vest, jacket, coat, long shirt, etc.
  • Ammunition meeting the IDPA minimum power floor (see note 4)
  • Range or gym bag to carry the above items


  • 1) Practical concealed-carry or police patrol-type guns only – No highly-specialized competition-type guns are allowed in IDPA.
  • 2) You will need a sufficient number of magazines, speedloaders or moonclips (generally two or three at a minimum, depending on equipment division) to complete an 18-round-maximum course of fire using only these ammunition carriers (plus, for pistols, one additional round in the chamber at the start of the course of fire).
  • Be aware that IDPA limits the number of rounds in a magazine to ten in the ESP and SSP equipment divisions, and to eight in CDP division. Revolvers in ESR and SSR divisions are limited to six rounds in the cylinder.
  • 3) You will need magazine/speedloader/moonclip holders to carry all but your first magazine, speedloader, or moonclip, which will be used to load the gun at the start of the course of fire.
  • 4) Bring enough ammo. If you do not know how many stages you will be shooting at a match, or what the total round count is expected to be, then bring at least 150 rounds. While this may result in bringing too much ammo, this is certainly better than not bringing enough! There is no such thing as a “typical” IDPA match, so there is just no way to guess.
  • Please keep in mind the following quote from the IDPA rulebook when selecting IDPA equipment: Your IDPA equipment must be suitable and practical for all-day concealed-carry use. Commissioned law enforcement officers and active-duty military personnel may use their standard-issue duty gear.

Centennial IDPA

Hosted by: Centennial Gun Club

Match Director: John Orefice

Safety Instructor(s): John Orefice and Joey Mizufuka

Cost: $15.00

Match Refunds: None. Participants may move to a different match date/time upon request.

  • Attendee substitutions may be made at any time.
  • Registrants must cancel at least 48 hours before the course date to receive a full refund in the form of an in-store Centennial Gun Club Gift Card.
  • Failure to attend the course, or cancellations less than 48 hours in advance, will result in no refund, credit of the course fee, or rescheduling.
  • Centennial Gun Club reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes at any time. If we cancel or reschedule a class due to weather or circumstances beyond our control, you are entitled to a full refund. Centennial Gun Club is not responsible for travel arrangements, travel fees, or any expenses incurred by you as a result of such cancellation. If Centennial Gun Club cancels a class in which you are enrolled, you will be contacted at the email address you used to register. Please be sure to provide a valid email address and check your email before class.
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