Friday, May 17 – 10am-5pm

Saturday, May 18 – 9am-4pm

Don’t miss out on this two day opportunity to get incredible gear at great prices

Open to members and non-members!

Manufacturer Reps are thrilled to bring you multiple lines of non-firearm sample products like never before. They are valued partnerships who enjoy meeting you, and learning how they can better support you.

Here’s a few lines they carry:

  • Oakley packs
  • Camelback
  • Adaptive Tactical stocks
  • Blue Force Gear Slings
  • Knives of Alaska
  • Outdoor connection
  • Mossberg Flex stocks
  • Puma knives
  • Minox optics
  • Blaser shotgun
  • Camelback
  • Original swat boots
  • Badlands bags
  • Edge eyewear
  • Inforce weapon lights

Stop by, meet truly great Reps and take advantage of their specials!  It’s only 2 days and not to be missed.