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Hunter Education – Internet Home Study

Course Prefix: HE002 Cost: $10 Age: 11+ Course Title: Hunter Education – Internet Home Study


 *Must attend both sessions to complete course

All Registration is done on  the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website.  The Centennial Gun club does not take registration or any payment for this course.  If you are having problems registering for this course please call the Department Of Wildlife for assistance. Register for Classes (this will take you to the CPW registration page) After students meet with the instructor for the introduction on the first class meeting, they will have until the second class meeting to complete the home study portion of the class. Students will meet with the instructor on the second meeting day  to complete the course, take the test and complete the “live fire” exercise.

Instructor: Terry Jud

Course Description All hunters born on or after January 1, 1949 must successfully complete a hunter education course and show proof of hunter education in order to purchase or apply for a hunting license. The Colorado Division of Wildlife offers hunter education classes in both the traditional classroom setting or through an internet-based course. The Internet Home Study Hunter Education course is NOT an easy out, it is a challenging course designed to better fit busy or hectic schedules, various learning styles and to allow good student/parent mentoring. This course covers the “Knowledge-based” learning objectives that you will need to know before you go hunting. In addition, you must attend a class that provides additional training on important “Skills-based” learning objectives. The Registration Class as well as the Conclusion Class (Range Day) sessions will include firearms safety, hunter responsibility, game laws and other hands-on learning and hunter responsibility activities. Internet-based hunter education course students must also pass the same written exam and complete the live fire exercises required of all traditional hunter education students. Students taking the internet-based hunter education course will have to work hard, study the material and be prepared to attend a conclusion class that is at least four hours in length, not including the time it takes for the final exam and live fire exercise. Instructors may charge a student fee of not more than $10.00 to help offset the cost of materials or room rental fees. While the IHEA internet course is free, other online courses may charge a fee to complete. Which course a student takes is their choice.


1. Register with an Internet-Based Hunter Education Course Certified Instructor. The instructor will give the student the information on what is required to complete the class. Note: I include classroom instruction during the Registration Class as well.

2. Complete the Internet Home Study Course. • Find the link to Internet Introduction to Hunter Education Course on the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s website, or

● Track your own progress through the course. The computer does not track which sections you complete. To help you keep track of the sections you complete, print a “Printer-Friendly version” of the TABLE OF CONTENTS.

● Read the pages in each section of the Internet Home Study Course. Follow the arrows at the bottom of each page to advance through this online course.

● There are 41 pop quizzes throughout the curriculum. You DO NOT need to print these. ● There are 14 final quizzes at the end of each section. You DO NOT need to print these.

● There will be a Pre-Test at the Range Day so that you do not have to print all 55 pages of quizzes. The Pre-Test questions are taken from the internet course and students must pass the Pre-Test with at least an 80% in order to complete the class.

● If you choose to use either Today’s Hunter online course: or They will allow you to print a certificate of completion which will allow you to skip the Pre-Test, but these web sites may charge a fee.

3. Complete the course with your instructor (Range Day). At this class you will: ● Take and pass the Pre-Test or provide a Certificate of Completion from the course you took.

● Be required to complete a minimum of 4 hours additional training (some of this training will be from theRegistration Class) that will include. ○ Hands-on Firearms safety and instruction. ○ Hunter responsibility exercises. ○ Colorado specific Laws and Regulations.

● Be required to complete a “Live Fire” exercise and demonstrate good firearms safety.

● Be required to pass a 50 question written examination with a minimum score of 75%. Materials Provided by Instructor .22 Rifles (for live fire exercise) Ammunition Targets Study Materials (on-line) Materials Provided by Student None