How to Book Range Time

A Step-By-Step Guide

We’re transitioning to a new platform and want to make sure you have the steps to Book Range Time. Our NEW online reservation system is the quickest and easiest way for YOU to book range time, rather than in-person.

The login works the best with the most commonly used browsers; whether you are using a desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile device, it’s the same process. The most commonly used browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Step 1

  • Close your existing browser or book-marked page and open a new one.

Step 2

  • If you are a CGC Member, you will need to use your email address to Reset Your Password. After you “Submit”, you will receive an email to Reset.
  • Non-Members will need to Create an Account.

Step 3

  • Click on the available slot to make a reservation.
  • CGC Members may reserve range time up to 14 days in advance.
    • Monday – Thursday – May reserve up to 4 lanes.
    • Friday – Sunday – May reserve up to 2 lanes.
  • Non-Members may reserve 24 hours in advance
  • Monday – Thursday – May reserve up to 2 lanes.
  • Friday – Sunday – May reserve 1 lane.

We are no longer using the CGC app, but you can always count on our website for easy access and updated information. From the here, you can also see your new e-commerce options as well.

At Centennial Gun Club, we are committed to meeting your needs and making your life easier. There’s no substitute for your support, while finding new ways together.

Thank you, for your patience,

Your Centennial Gun Club Team