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Here’s how it works – on the premise of a Dutch Auction, the auction begins with our standard selling price of each item selected for the auction; the price is lowered until a participant is willing to accept the auctioneer’s price for some quantity of the goods in the lot or until the seller’s reserve price is met:

  • Begin with the asking price which is the opening bid
  • Price lowers every 30 minutes as follows:
    Red sticker items will decrease $100
    Green sticker items will decrease $75
    Yellow sticker items will decrease $50
    Blue sticker items will decrease $25
    Orange sticker items will decrease 3% each half hour up to 24% off
  • Price lowers every 30 minutes until bidder accepts current price and all items are sold or reserve minimum bid reached.
  • If more than one bid on the same item, the bid gradually increases by $5
  • Ties will be determined by auctioneer
  • Item is sold