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Classes will be held in the new ASR Training Center • 6649 S. Paris St. • Centennial, CO 80111

Building the foundation of Your Church Safety Team
May 3, 2016

Developing a Site Threat Assessment
May 10, 2016

Developing your Policy Manual
May 17, 2016

Active Aggressors
May 24, 2016

Managing Incidents
May 31, 2016


I have always feared guns, and didn’t allow my children to have toy guns. My eldest is now a lifetime member of the NRA. Lol He has encouraged me to take baby steps getting over my fear. I took your First Shots class after shooting with my son a couple times. I received your invitation to the educator class and signed up. It was life changing for me. I am committed to shooting regularly so that I can confidently handle a firearm should I ever need to. I realize that it is the fear of firearms that has turned the tables in the “bad guys’” favor. Marla M


Amazing class! Instructors were well informed and prepared. Didn’t seem like an 8 hour class at all. Class offered amazing speakers! Sheriff, DA, and Senator Harvey were all on hand to answer all questions. Very well organized and impressive. I hope they offer this class again to educators. Brannon C


I was very impressed by the people who organized and volunteered their time at the training. They were intelligent, considerate, and helpful — even towards people with no experience or with very basic questions. I felt valued and appreciated as an educator. The class exceeded my expectations and I feel I’ve had a good start on preparing for concealed carry, guns, and related laws. Diane N.


This course was the most organized event of this magnitude that I have ever seen; I was amazed at how smoothly everything went and was impressed with the quality of the instruction and information. I would highly recommend it for anyone! Kimberly K


What a great and informative class!! Thank you for taking the time to teach us all! Kimberly D.


A very informative class. Have shot guns and rifles but really learned the proper way. I had such a great experience at your class. I moved from NJ almost 2 years ago. It’s a non carry state so I never really looked into owning a pistol, although there were occasions that if I had not known others ways to defend myself would have been a positive thing to have to better protect myself. Your class was very informative and helpful and I feel more comfortable owning a pistol without stressing over what the laws etc are about owning one. It was well worth the drive from Colorado Springs. And hope that after the Holiday craziness can find way to make it up your way more often, unfortunately my crazy schedule makes it difficult to commit to driving up there on a regular basis. Cynthia B.


I really enjoyed taking this seminar. I was supplied with great information. I left pleased with what I learned. I took this seminar to retain increased knowledge on gun safety and what is needed to protect our students and co-workers. I was pleased with all the information and some I did not expect. This class was not just about arming teachers in the classroom. This was to educate teachers on how to handle a weapon in case a student finds one on the playground or worse in someone’s backpack. I now have that knowledge to disarm the weapon and do this without harming those around me. The best was being able to qualify at the range. Krista S


The Conceal Carry Class for Educators was very informative and very much needed. I hope Centennial Gun Club will continue to offer these types of classes for educators and the public. Centennial Gun Club was very generous to offer this type of class for free to educators. Thank you to the Club and all the volunteers who gave their time and expertise to train teachers to keep our children safe. Renee R


This was an amazing class and well worth my time. I really enjoyed the small group time we had with our instructor. I walked into the class not knowing if I would ever want to conceal carry and left the class with a new found confidence and I am excited to take more classes to further my education! Thank you!! Melissa T.


I feel this class was great for many people to gain an understanding of how when used properly Guns create a new level of readiness and protection for our Students in the building. Many of the people around me had never held a gun before and honestly were scared of them. The information in the class gave those the confidence to operate and carry a gun proudly with out worry. I believe more people joined the fight against strict gun laws for personal protection. Andrew B


The seminar spoke to a wide range of people, including those that just wanted information to those who actually want to conceal a weapon. Fabulous experience. The whole day was well organized. Presenters we’re very interesting and knowledgeable. Kirsten H.  


The class was more than I expected very informative my instructor was awesome can’t wait to join and be a responsible gun enthusiast. Wayne B


This class was very informative about responsible gun handling and/or ownership. Presenters and instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. I would highly recommend this class to anyone thinking about handling, purchasing, or shooting guns. Leslie Z.


Very good class with great instructors learned a lot. I was thrilled that the class for educators was offered. It was informative and a great blend of lecture and hands-on practice. I would highly recommend this class to others. Tara A.


You may use any of my previous statements in this survey for your website! Teresa L.


I loved the class but do not wish to have anything posted with even a partial name! A huge Thank You to Centennial Gun Club for the class they offered to Educators Only. It was Great. The presentation of the material was exceptional. They were very organized and made the most of the entire day. I would recommend this class and this organization to anyone interested in obtaining the most current and accurate information on concealed weapons or any other gun related questions. Jennifer L.


I thought that the training was fantastic. While I was in a very big class (for educators), the training still felt personal and I felt that the trainers all were eager to answer questions and help all of us out. Wonder class. I will definitely be looking to Centennial Gun Club for all my future training needs for me and my family. I feel the class was very informative and necessary for all educators at all levels. It gave an understanding about guns, how to disarm them and the laws surrounding concealed carry. I can’t thank Centennial Gun Club enough for doing this for educators. I have always been terrified of guns, but they are a large part of my husband’s life. The class on Saturday was organized, informative, and empowering. After leaving the class, I saw guns in a whole new light – an exciting one! My husband and I have already been to the range to practice shooting, and I’ve been trying different guns to find the right fit. It’s such a great feeling to finally be able to share this with my husband. I feel educated, empowered, and excited! We will definitely be life-long members of the Centennial Gun Club! – Becky S


I feel that everyone at the Centennial Gun Club played a big part in making Saturdays class a big success. Their Instructors are very knowledgeable and very helpful and friendly. They where really happy to be there, and I’m glad they were. Debra S


Grew up surrounded by guns but never spent much time shooting. Have wanted to become more comfortable handling them so went to the professionals and could not have been more pleased and impressed with Centennial Gun Club. I feel so much more aware of the what/when/how’s of guns and plan to get further trained to carry with confidence. Jane S


I appreciate the respect and regard Centennial Gun Club showed for educators by hosting this event. It was enjoyable, informative and important. I am grateful to have been included, and grateful to the sponsors who made it possible. Annie N.


Great class! Thank you Centennial Gun Club. You are helping us to keep ourselves and our communities safer. I hope you will offer this class again. As a teacher, whose job is not guaranteed, I have not felt free to discuss my taking this class. I hope that can change. There is a lot of general fear about guns. What better way to reduce our fears than to learn about guns through education. This is common sense, and is exactly what this class offers. I hope the Club will continue to reach out to other teachers and instructors and offer more CC Classes. Teachers truly are guardians of our children and society in so many ways. Not only do teachers have the Constitutional right to protect themselves, as citizens; but, they should also be supported by the community at large to do so in our schools. By being able to better protect themselves, they will also be able to better protect our children. Diane B


Centennial Gun Club has heart. The employees genuinely care about the safety of our community, including our schools. Beth B.


This was an amazing course for beginners such as myself. It felt great knowing that so many were in my shoes and we all came away with such confidence and knowledge! Amazing day – thank you Centennial Gun Club! Beth F.


This conference was extremely well thought out, planned, and carried out. Your staff was impressive. Congratulations to your organization and its second amendment stand. Thanks to Centennial Gun Club, I feel more informed about gun safety and gun laws. As an educator, I always encourage my students to go into the world and learn as much as they can about their interests. This class gave me a chance to follow that advice. I look forward to returning to the club, and to continue my education in gun use and safety. Thanks- Amy B.


This was an informative and hands-on class that applied the principles for excellent instruction. The class was especially geared toward educators so that we could better understand the law and how it applies to gun ownership and usage. The instructors were professional as well as entertaining. I appreciate the sincerity and dedication of the Centennial Gun Club to the second amendment. Thanks for this incredible opportunity to learn from passionate and knowledgeable people. Susan M


I was extremely happy with the class. The instructors were very knowledgeable and were personable. As an avid hunter and gun enthusiast I was excited to learn more. As educators, our students are constantly at risk. Teachers will do everything they can to protect their students and having some teachers armed would be extremely beneficial. I am hoping that this class has opened some eyes in our public sector. Thanks again for the great class!! Chad D.


It was great to know & learn what the laws of Colorado have regarding caring a concealed weapon & how to properly handle your weapon in the event it is needed, great Instructors who took the time to give you the knowledge. Angelo D.


I was very impressed with the presentation and the instructors. The instructors listed and were attuned to my concerns and needs as a woman. I came away feeling very empowered. Nicole M.


If you have been afraid of guns, or have little or no experience with guns, these people will put your fears to rest and prepare you to defend yourself and/or others. Joseph S.


I had been thinking about doing a class for years. The class offered by Centennial Gun Club took away any apprehension I had. It was thorough and answered any questions that I had. Glad I did it! Ginger M.


Had an incredible time at the CCW training for Educators, what a generous and excellent start to my interest in guns & shooting! I’m excited to take more courses, train and grow in my future. I can’t wait to be apart of Centennial Gun Club. Thank you to everyone who made this training possible! Heather H.


The class was set up in a very informative way but still allowed a lot of time for small group hands-on instruction. I would definitely recommend this class to others. – Kenzee D.


Fantastic course!!! Very beneficial to anyone who wants to hold a permit! AWESOME staff!!! It felt like being taught by family!!! This class was informative AND useful. It helped me feel more comfortable with guns. I will continue taking workshops/classes with this organization. Kris L


CGC did an amazing job organizing the concealed carry class for educators. The whole experience was well above my expectations. The presentation offered lots of great information and was very clear, concise and easy to follow. The hands on instruction was also very helpful. I would highly recommend classes to anyone and everyone I know. .CGC has got it goin’ on!  Jennifer F.


Thank you so very much for offering this free Conceal Carry Course for Educators. I learned so much about my rights and responsibilities as a gun owner. I do not currently own a firearm, but from this class I learned what type of weapon would most likely suit me best. I also learned that you cannot and should not just go get a gun and expect to be a marksman. I will need a lot of practice before I am truly comfortable in concealing a weapon. Thank you Centennial Gun Club. This class was so informative and beneficial to me and my 3 coworkers. Teri H.


The Centennial Gun Club handled the large number of participants and covered more content than I anticipated. This was an outstanding course and I thank the CGC. MarkB