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Cost: $29.00
Capacity: 30 Students

Friday 01/19/2018 6PM-8PM CCR00101192018 REGISTER
Friday 02/16/2018 6PM-8PM CCR00102162018 REGISTER

Who Should Attend:

First, Gun Laws Change frequently. What you learned about the law in your CHP/CCW class some time back may have changed. Come in and catch up on recent changes so you aren’t caught off-guard!

This is a non-range class that focuses on the changes in the Concealed Handgun Permit laws.   This class does not satisfy the requirements to apply or re-new your current Colorado CHP/CCW.

What are the two things you need to do?

In the event you need to use your firearm for protection, do you know what to do when the police arrive and ask if you wanted something to drink or eat? It is very important to learn about the changes to the Miranda Warning and what you must do to protect yourself. These important changes in the Miranda Warning is just one of the topics during this two-hour seminar.

Secondly, spending some quality time and practicing with your gun is one of the most important things you can do, not only when you first purchase your gun, but on an ongoing basis. Skill at arms is a perishable skill. Learn what kind of training you should do to advance your skills and maintain proficiency. If you will be carrying your gun, it will become a part of you. You need to know it, REALLY know it and know how to use it instinctively.

Heaven forbid, but someday you may need it to defend yourself or others. When and if that moment comes, you won’t know it’s coming, it just will. You will be relying on your instincts, will be forced to make decisions under extreme stress and you will not have the time to get acquainted with your gun! This is why practicing and training with your gun on an ongoing basis is critical. You do not want to be fumbling with it and trying to remember how to use it when your life is at stake. Your expertise with your gun is critical to your ability to protect yourself and/or others. This seminar will introduce training opportunities and ways to improve and maintain your proficiency.