Bowling PIN-TOP Quarterly Match

Match Dates/Times



Course Prefix:  BPT001

Course Title:  Pin-Top Match (Rifle Only)

Cost: $15.00

Age: 21+ (minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)


Bowling pin-top shooting is a shooting sport (primarily for .22 caliber handguns and .22 caliber rifles) in which the competitors race against one another to knock standard bowling pin-tops from a table in the shortest elapsed time. Bowling Pin shooting is often described as one of the most enjoyable shooting games and one of the easiest means of introducing a new shooter into regular competitive shooting. Pin shooting appeals to both genders. There are many female pin shooters and many distinguished female pin shooters. Pin-Top shooting is the next level of competition…

Safety Regulations:

Bowling Pin-Top Matches will be conducted under the “Cold-Range” policy. Absolutely no loaded firearms are permitted during the Bowling Pin-Top Match. If you are a CCW Permit holder, please leave your firearm in your vehicle or un-load your firearm in one of CGC’s public shooting bays and put your unloaded firearm in your range bag.

CGC will have a designated safety area where you can handle your firearm, make repairs or adjustments, dry-fire, take sight pictures etc.  The safety area will be located in the expansion bay. There will be a table in the expansion bay that will be clearly marked “SAFETY AREA”. That is the only place you are allowed to handle your firearm without direction from a Range Officer. You are NOT ALLOWED to handle any AMMUNITION in the safety area. You are NOT ALLOWED to un-load your concealed carry firearm in the safety area. If you do any of the two just mentioned. You will be disqualified from the match.

Competitors are solely and personally responsible for all equipment and ammunition they bring to the match. No suppressed or fully automatic firearms allowed. All firearms are to safely use .22 LR ammunition. Any commercially available .22 LR ammunition will be considered suitable for competition.



A competitor may be disqualified for any un-safe handling deemed by a Range Officer. Examples of un-safe gun handling are but not limited to; letting the muzzle of your firearm sweep another person or yourself, breaking the 180 degree rule, negligent discharge, unsportsmanlike conduct.


  1. Treat all firearms as loaded.
  2. Never muzzle flash anything you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger and outside of the trigger guard until your sights are on target.
  4. Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.


Match Procedures:

  • Double elimination bracket scoring system.
  • Minimum distance for pistol is 25 ft.
  • Minimum distance for rifle is 50 ft.
  • *Note:  CGC will choose the distance on a per match basis.
  • Only .22 LR pistols and rifles may be used for Bowling Pin-Top Matches. There will be two divisions; pistol & rifle. Competitors are allowed to load two magazine with 8 rounds per magazine per division.
  • *Note: Iron sights for pistols only. Iron sights or red dot optics allowed on rifles.
  • Have magazines loaded before it is your turn to shoot.
  • A Range Officer will call out a shooting order so please listen for your name or number to be called.
  • Unless on the line shooting, all competitors are to remain behind the shooting line indicated by the shooting benches.
  • Bowling Pin-Tops must fall completely off the table to score. The first competitor who’s last pin-top hits the FLOOR first wins. It’s not the last pin-top off of the table.
  • A competitor is permitted to take a sight picture prior to the start signal. Such sight picture is only permitted from the “Shooter load and make ready” command. Sight picture must be taken with the firearm un-loaded prior to loading a magazine for your string of fire.


Volunteer Sport:

ALL competitors are required to help reset bowling pin-heads after each round. If everyone helps out, the match will go much quicker and smoother.

Range Commands:

  • “Shooters to line”, “load and make ready”. (Start position is barrel of firearm touching the top of the 55 gallon barrel i.e.: low-ready position.
  • “Are you ready?”
  • “Stand by”.
  • “FIRE”!
  • After you have completed the course of fire to the best of your ability, wait for further commands from the RO that is directly behind you. The RO will issue the following command:
  • “If you are finished”, “Un-load & show clear”, “If clear”, “Hammer down”, “Holster”. (Holster also means bag or case your firearm.)
  • After the Range Master indicates with a verbal “RANGE IS CLEAR”, then competitors are allowed to go down range to re-set pin-heads.


All disputes will be settled by the Range Officer and Match Director. The MD’s decision will be immediate and final. 

Refund: None, if needed we can move participant to next quarterly match.