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Bowling Pin Match Coed

and Bracketing


We hold only one match per session. The new time (listed above) is check-in at 6pm and match will start at 6:30pm.


Limited to the first 24 that register for each Match

Match Refunds:
None. Participants may move to a different match date/time upon request.




1) Entry Fee: $15


2) Format: Double Elimination.


3) Eye protection: Prescription glasses or safety glasses. Eye protection must be worn 100% of the time in the range.


4) Hearing protection: Ear plugs and / or ear muffs. Hearing protection must be worn 100% of the time in the range.


5) Holster or gun case: We require guns to be brought to the line unloaded, and either holstered or in a gun case. We recommend traditional hip holsters. Cross-draw, small of the back, ankle holsters, and shoulder holsters are not permitted, as they make it very easy to “sweep” (point your gun at) other competitors or the Range Safety Officers. Inside the pants holsters are discouraged, as they slow down the re-holstering process.


6) Magazines or speed loaders: 3 magazines or speedloaders are the minimum requirement, 5 are recommended. We do not allow shooters to load magazines or speedloaders at the shooting line during competition, as it slows down the shooting procedure for other competitors. If both competitors run out of ammo, the competition will be declared a draw, and the next competitor in the bracket will receive a “bye.”


Minimum Caliber: 9mm
Maximum Caliber: .45 Auto


Ammunition:  To prevent ricochets and damage to the facility, only frangible ammunition such as Inceptor is allowed in Bowling Pin Matches.

No optics, ports, compensators, or external weights.






1) Signup and Payment: Online at


2) Sign-in & Brackets: 6:00pm


3) Safety briefing and instruction from Match Director


4) Shooters meeting: Following check-in times above. There will be a brief shooter’s meeting to review the rules and answer questions before each match.


4) Load your magazines / speed loaders before it’s your turn to shoot. Making sure that your pistol magazines or speed loaders are loaded before it’s your turn to shoot improves the flow of our match. Loading of magazines and speedloaders is not allowed at the firing line.


6) Pin Set-up:
Women will shoot at 4 pins ( if a women wins 1st place she will be bumped to 6 pins).
Men will shoot at 6 pins.


7) Range Safety Officer Commands


“Make ready”. The RSO is instructing you that you may remove your gun from your holster (or case) and load your gun. When your gun is loaded you should assume the low ready stance. We allow two types of the low ready stance. Either the gun must be pointed down at a 45 Degree angle, muzzle touching table, or you may use the Glock low ready stance with both elbows touching your sides, and the gun held at a 90 degree angle from the shooter’s body.


“Are you ready?” The RSO is asking you if you ready to shoot. You do not need to answer that you are ready. Unless you answer, “No”, the RSO will continue.


“Standby” The RSO is informing you that he is about to blow the start whistle.


“Tweet!” At the sound of the whistle, the competitor may safely raise their gun and engage the targets. The competitor must keep their finger off the trigger until the sights are aligned on target. The winner is the first person to get all of their pins to touch the ground.


“STOP!” Any RSO may issue this command at any time during the course of fire. The competitor must immediately cease firing, and wait for further instructions from the RO.


“Tweet!” The whistle is blown a second time to indicate there is a winner for both pairs of tables. Shooters should cease fire.


“Unload and show clear” The RSO is instructing you to show that your gun is unloaded. Please present your gun to the RSO with the muzzle pointed downrange, magazine removed, slide locked back or held open, and the chamber empty. Revolvers must be presented with the cylinder swung out and empty.


“If clear, hammer down, holster” While continuing to point the handgun safely downrange, the competitor must perform a final safety check of the handgun as follows:


Auto-loaders (Including Rimfires): Release the slide and pull the trigger, without touching the hammer, if any. The gun MUST dry fire before the competitor can leave the firing line.


Revolvers: Close the empty cylinder.


If the gun proves to be clear, the competitor must then holster or case the gun.


If the gun does not prove to be clear, the RSO will resume the commands from “Unload and show clear” and the competitor will be disqualified for a negligent discharge






1) Safety disqualifications. Failure to follow CGC Bowling Pin Shooting safety rules or general CGC safety rules can result in an immediate disqualification from the match.


Accidental discharge, failure to control your gun, finger on the trigger before thestart signal, and breaking the 180 degree shooting line can result in immediate disqualification.


2) We reserve the right to adjust the rules to improve safety or the flow of our match. If you have suggestions as to how we could improve our match, please contact us on the website.


3) Other rules apply. Visit for a complete list of range rules that apply at CGC.


4) Match Schedule Subject to Change. If there is a conflict in the scheduled start time in these rules and an announcement made by the Match Director, consider the Match Director’s announcement to be the correct information.


5) Announcements. E-mail reminders are sent out the week before a match to those who have registered online.