The Centennial Gun Club Range Hours:

Monday-Friday  9AM - 9PM
Saturday            8AM - 9PM
Sunday            10AM - 6PM

Centennial Gun Club has twenty, 75 ft. shooting lanes.  The range is open to non-members. Please call for availability and pricing.

Pistols, shotguns, and rifles up to 50 BMG, can be fired on all lanes. Shooters may not use steel-core ammunition or steel shot, tracers or Muzzle Loader firearms.

Non-members may reserve range time for one lane in advance and are limited to same-day reservations. Walk-ins are always welcome but will be subject to range availability.

There is a limit of 3 shooters per lane, so please schedule multiple lanes accordingly.  There is no longer a limit on the size of shot-gun loads, but they must be lead. The minimum age to shoot on our lanes is 10 years old.



The Centennial Gun Club is one of the most advanced Colorado shooting ranges. Our indoor firing range is a great place to develop, practice, and fine-tune your shooting skills.

  • The target retrieval system you will use is state-of-the-art and programmable to give you stationary targets, 360 degree turning targets, running and disappearing targets to make your shooting time a learning experience that will challenge even the most advanced target shooters.

  • Ventilation systems are a critical component of indoor firing ranges and the environmentally controlled ventilation system in our range provides you with clean, temperature-controlled air. With a slight breeze at your back, our system moves the air down range at a monitored and controlled rate of 75 feet per minute to prevent lead exposure and ensure that those at the firing line will always breathe clean, fresh air.

  • Our Range Masters are always present to help ensure a safe experience for all of our guests. They are experienced and professional individuals with a broad range of experience with many types of firearms.